Sunday, 16 October 2011

MC Servers

 I know I said coding posts, but Minecraft got in the way ;)

Earlier, someone asked me how to run a successful and popular server. I thought this to be a weird question, as I have never ran a server other than one on my own computer. That was only for 4 people, so it doesn’t really count. I still gave this subject a good deal of thought. Honestly, what does it take? It seems that it takes a dedicated admin who is willing to spend their time doing tedious things and having very little play time. The one thing that stuck in my mind was the “legitness” of the server.

I don’t mean if it allows cracked clients or not. I’m talking about hand outs. I often find Admins are handing out items to players to “sweeten” the deal and make sure they stay. They’re getting kit plugins and even limited give commands. You want players to play for months? Make them work for months. You’re giving them almost a days strip mining everytime you give them a diamond pickaxe or bodyplate. I don’t understand why server owners must do this. Players come to play, not be given free items and get refunds everytime they request them. I mean, I don’t’ find it fun when I get given some tools or blocks. I feel grateful, but I dump them in the next body of lava or hole I see. These taint economy, don’t say “we have no economy”. If you have ever had one player trade with another, it’s the birth of your economy right there.

I strayed from the subject a bit there, but my point is obvious, want a good server which people will come back to? Don’t give in or be too kind to your players. Be harsh, only refund at dire situations. This doesn’t mean give up all donation perks either. This is simply asking you to stop ruining your server. If I wanted to build, I would be on creative. I’m sorry, but it’s true.
You want a good server, but legit. Anyway, I’m basically falling asleep as I write this. Apologies if it’s terrible.

P.s. Hardcore MC PvP servers don’t work either. Offer the players a twist if you’re gonna have PvP as the theme of your sever, offer something nice. See Herocraft for instance.


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