Monday, 17 October 2011

As promised, a code(ish) related post.

I've decided to start on a new project in Java. Whilst playing minecraft and editting/snipping at the code I found out how easily you can create a game in Java. Unlike minecraft's, mine will be a 2D game as I've never used a 3D Java lib before, walk before you run, eh?

I've designed my game, kind of. My basic idea is that you are an energy ball with two primary attacks, a AoE pushback low damage and a medium damage single enemy beam like attack. I've designed my player already, but he'll probably change. I'm aware I suck at creative-related stuff.

The above is his "spritesheet". He'll randomly switch between those sprites to create a "waiting to get out" energy effect. I'm probably gonna have to add more for the beam stance and AoE pushback stance. 
The player will also have the ability to place blocks in my 2D environment, such blocks which the enemy can interact with (Traps, ect.) and blocks which the player can interact with (rubber pads, ect.) and a crafting element. Yeah, I'm a dick for using an idea that is from minecraft, Terraria and other games, but I'm not in this for anything but playing the end product.

The crafting system will be similiar to that of Minecraft, definately not like Terraria's though. You'll automatically be awarded with a 3x3 crafting pad, of which you "transforph" materials (see, energy guy got skill) and you're required to unlock the recipes before you can unlock them. No level will be (apart from tutorial) will be dependant on you placing a block, so you can go through the game without actually having to craft much.

Another feature I wanted to implement was "arena's", up to 4 players in one area fighting against each other or enemies. Because multiplayer makes any game good, unless it's call of duty.

Expect nicely cropped code screenshots (because apparently instead of copy pasting code, I just need to screenshot it), small videos of it in progress and explainations of why I'm doing it.

By the way, the energy balls name is Clive, for now.

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